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Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab


To support the training of medical students and healthcare practitioners to work independently and in teams to serve patients in a safe, competent and confident manner.

Historical Milestones

In June 2005, Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar opened the doors of its Clinical Skills Center.

In 2014, WCM-Q's Clinical Skills Center team joined the Qatar Simulation Consortium as a partner institution.

In 2015, WCM-Q celebrated the 10th anniversary of its standardized patient program.
Link to Qatar Chronicle Winter 2015 Article (pg 9-13)

In 2017, the WCM-Q Clinical Skills Center underwent an expansion and rebranding to become the Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab (CSSL). The center extended its capacity for standardized patient simulations in addition to expanding into new high-fidelity simulation modalities. The center also expanded its staff of specialists to support the increased offerings.
Link to Qatar Chronicle Winter 2017 Article (pg 11-13)

In 2017, CSSL began efforts to develop the skills of simulation-educationalists in Qatar through its inaugural QCHP and ACCME accredited symposium, Optimizing Health Professions Education with Simulation-Based Learning.  
Link to Press Release

In 2018, CSSL conducted it's 2nd annual symposium, Optimizing Health Professions Education with Simulation-Based Learning.
Link to Qatar Chronicle Winter 2018 Article (pg 28-29)

In 2019, CSSL offered students from WCM-Q's Foundation Program the opportunity to write about observations from a simulation clinical encounter as part of their creative writing course lead by Dr. Rachid Bendriss.

In 2019, CSSL collaborated with Sidra Medicine to provide a flipped classroom followed by interactive simulation-based workshop in advanced communication skills for surgical fellows.

In 2019, CSSL hosted the first EuSim Level 1 Instructor Course in Qatar.


Simulation-based medical education provides risk-free learning that can encompass many complex elements of critical and rare clinical scenarios. The optimal integration of simulation-based medical education into medical student, resident and fellow education is meant to complement direct bedside clinical instruction.

Our mission is to provide services in a state-of-the-art clinical skills and simulation center that offers simulation-based medical education as an educational and/or assessment modality that can assist/augment purposeful, goal-oriented, skills-based learning and/or offer standardized skills assessments relevant to medical and allied healthcare professionals at various stages of training and practice in Qatar.