General Information

  • Exchange Online is Microsoft’s cloud-based email service which provides access to email, calendars, contacts and tasks from any endpoint (PC, Mac, Android & iPhone). Being cloud-based, Exchange Online provides enhanced reliability and availability than our existing on-premises Exchange email service, as well as many new and enhanced features.

  • Exchange Online provides:

    • Integrated email, calendar, tasks and contacts.
    • 100GB of space.
    • Full-featured web interface allowing you to access your email and calendar from anywhere.
    • Real-time updates for most mobile devices via Mobile Access and ActiveSync.
    • This enhanced email system is modern and fast, and offers multi-site disaster resiliency.

Migration Process

  • The following items from your mailbox will be moved automatically:

      Email folders
      Deleted items
      Mailbox Rules
      Automatic replies
      Personal calendars
      Contact lists

  • No, your email address will remain the same.

Before Migration

During the Migration

After the Migration

  • ITS will contact you once the migration has been completed. Also, if you log in to OWA, you will be redirected to the new Outlook Online.

  • The maximum attachment size is 35 MB. For larger files, we recommend using Box rather than email.

    Please bear in mind that external email systems may have restrictions on the size of an attachment. You should check with the intended recipient first.

  • For most mobile devices, yes.

    Note: Microsoft recommend using the free Outlook client for Android and iOS (available from the appropriate App Store) for the best user experience.

  • As part of the migration, OWA is being replaced by Outlook Online (don’t worry – if you are using a bookmark to get to OWA now, it will automatically redirect you once you have been migrated). 

    Outlook Online provides all the functionality of OWA, plus a lot more – it is a fully-featured, web-based email client.

    Microsoft recommend Outlook Online (using Chrome) as the preferred method of accessing your emails. Outlook Online can be accessed at http://outlook.com/owa/qatar-med.cornell.edu

  • Deleted items will remain in the Deleted Items folder until you manually remove them from it. If you are using Outlook or OWA, you will have 14 days to recover these “permanently” deleted items.

  • Once you have been migrated (and while the migration is ongoing for the rest of the College), you will continue to receive the current quarantined email notifications, which have the option to release them.

    However, Exchange Online has its own malicious email detection agent, which places suspicious emails in your Junk email folder. From there, you will be able to release, whitelist, permanently block senders and so on.

    Once the migration is complete for the whole College, you will no longer receive the quarantined email notification; all such emails will appear in your junk email folder.

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