Dr. Abdulla Al-Ansari MBBSch, FRCSI, FRCSE

Dr. Abdulla Al-Ansari

Dr. Abdulla Al-Ansari MBBSch, FRCSI, FRCSE is a graduate of The Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. He completed his fellowship in both Ireland and Edinburgh. He is trained in field of Urology both in Qatar and U.K. Dr. Al-Ansari worked in other specialties such as Trauma, Orthopaedics and Vascular (all of which has helped him when dealing with complex cases), before specializing in Urology.

Dr. Al-Ansari became the head of the Urology section in 2004. During his tenure, the department of Urology made big leaps forward in quality of service provision, reduction in waiting times, technological advancement, research and publications. This greatly improved the

status of Urology as a successful and highly performing specialty.

In 2008, Dr. Al-Ansari became the Assistant to the Chief of Surgery and in the same year, he was promoted to Chief of Surgery department taking full charge of all 12 surgical specialties across the HMC Corporation. Dr. Al-Ansari is a strong believer in sub-specialisation and the benefits it delivers to patient care. In his new role as the chief of surgery emphasis has been placed on sub-specialisation (e.g. Breast Surgery, Colorectal, Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery, Acute Care and hepatobiliary surgery etc).

He became an Associate Professor of Clinical Urology at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar since April 2009. Dr. Al-Ansari is Director in QSTP for Robotic Surgery and is the pioneer of Robotic Surgery in Qatar. It was through his dedication and perseverance that Robotic Surgery is now a common procedure in the State of Qatar.

Dr. Al-Ansari is very passionate about healthcare systems in Qatar, and has an ambition for Qatar (HMC) to be the best healthcare system internationally. For Dr. Al-Ansari, patient care is a priority and he does not allow his administrative duties to take him away from his patients and research. He continues to find time in his busy schedule for publications, simulation workshops and conferences. He has special interest in teaching younger surgeons and mentoring them in their training.

Recently, Dr. Al-Ansari won the first prize in 3D printing of organs from Texas AM University. This is a testament of Dr. Al-Ansari’s relentless efforts to improving patient care and his endeavour to help improve healthcare in Qatar.

Dr. Al-Ansari’s hard work gained further recognition as he was promoted to Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Surgical Services at the end of 2013. He is widely known as triple “A” amongst his peers for his tirelessness in wanting to continually develop a just and fair service provision.

Dr. Al-Ansari continues to work very hard and diligently to ensure the best care always strategy of the organisation is attained throughout the corporation. To this extent, he recently introduced robotic surgery (2016) to Al Wakra hospital as part of the ongoing development of surgical services in Qatar.